Finding Solutions To Your Pain Often
Feels Complicated and Confusing


We Provide Clear and Simple Steps
So You Get Back to What You Love Sooner

Since 1989, Dr. Karen Kartch has been helping patients just like you,
get answers and relief quickly with clarity and compassion.


During your first appointment, you will be guided through our unique personalized assessments. You will leave with a clear and effective customized plan related to the root cause of your health challenges.


Dr. Kartch uses the 5 Steps to Health to keep you moving from pain to healing and then to restoration in a simple to follow yet powerful format.


Dr. Kartch guides you with clarity and compassion through the phases of your customized program. You get the results you deserve and the education you were missing.

Your Solution & Breakthrough Plan

Schedule Your Appointment

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Follow A Clear Customized Plan

Your clear and customized plan will end any confusion on how to achieve optimal results.
All you need to do is follow it.

Get Back To What You Love Doing

Healing the issues causing you pain quickly, means you get to get back to the activities and life you love sooner.

“Karen Kartch saved my knees… What a joy! Thank you, Dr. Kartch.” 

“During my first visit, she resolved my stiff neck on-the-spot. It was amazing. ” 

 “Dr. Kartch brought nearly 100% mobility back to my shoulder in four visits. Highly recommended.”  

Patient’s names withheld for privacy.

2015 Oakland, CA Chiropractor
 Choice Award

2015 Oakland Best

2014, 2015, & 2016 Oakland’s’ Best Chiropractor 

2017 Top Chiropractor &
Designed Clinical Nutritionist

2021 Oakland’s Best Chiropractor

What Makes Our 5 Steps to Health Process Unique?

Our 5 Steps to Health support you from symptom relief to the ultimate success of Optimal Health.

Where many other’s treatments stop at the I Feel Good Phase… We take you all the way to HAPPY,  HEALTHY, OPTIMAL HEALTH, I love my life!!

What is waiting costing you?

You could keep searching for answers in all the wrong places.


You could get worse if you wait, making an easy to remedy situation into a chronic one.

Your valuable time and enjoyment of life keep on ticking away.


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