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Dr. Kartch is a terrific chiropractor and healer. She understands what the body needs. She is very professional and kind. She is such an amazing person too. She spends a lot of time educating her patients along with treating her patients. When you understand the mechanics behind the treatment it is a lot easier to stay focused on what to do. I would recommend Dr. Kartch to anyone that complains of aches and pains. She has ways to help!

Patient name withheld for privacy

A “frozen” shoulder (extremely limited mobility) brought me to Dr. Kartch. We are members of the same business referral network and I’d already heard numerous testimonials to her skill. Using traditional chiropractic as well as the unusual but effective Graston Technique, Dr. Kartch brought nearly 100% mobility back to my shoulder in four visits. Highly recommended. Plus, she’s funny and personable in her explanations of how tissues and joints and bones work. I’ve been treated by 4-5 different DC’s in my adult life, and Dr. Kartch is by far the best.!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Karen is a wonderfully calming presence, which was a godsend for someone like me, who tends to be fearful of chiropractic work. She listened quite carefully as I explained my various aches and ails, and she led me through her techniques slowly and skillfully. And, low and behold, not only did I feel much better after her ministrations, I am no longer afraid of chiropractic!

Patient name withheld for privacy

During my first visit, she resolved my stiff neck on-the-spot. It was amazing–I felt like a walking infomercial for the next few days talking about it to anyone who’d listen. It was so instantly resolved! The pain in my upper and lower back took a few short follow-up visits to resolve, but within 10 days of becoming her patient, I’d say she resolved 90-95% of my pain/limitation from the accident. And since my visits with her in March, I’d say some intermittent low back pain I’ve had for years has significantly subsided. Awesome. I have referred others her way with confidence and it’s comforting to know that if I ever find myself in a literal pinch again, I have someone like Karen to help and heal me.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen my share of chiropractors, given a recurring back problem. Through that I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work for me. I’m a skeptical client. Last week I went to see Karen due to my back going out again, and she was able to fit me in on short notice. She didn’t try to force xrays on me as some chiropractors require for all new clients. She was very thorough in her examination and explained everything to me in great detail with a lot of patience. Then came the adjustment which definitely shifted some things. The next day I noticed that not only was the pain gone, but so was the drain on my energy it had been causing, and the bad mood it put me in. Not only was it healed, but I felt much stronger than before.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Dr. Kartch has been such a healer for me! I am an avid runner and have continuously had problems with my psoas muscle for months on and off, to the point of not even being able to walk comfortably. I went to Dr. Kartch with much speculation because I hate the sound of “cracking”. To my great surprise, Dr. Kartch was so accommodating to my phobia of cracking and was able to treat me without it! After only 2 visits, I felt completely back to normal AND was able to get back to my running! Thank you Dr. Kartch and I will never think twice coming to you or sending anyone to you!

Patient name withheld for privacy

I have had vertigo several times in my life. Each episode has involved a long and frustrating recovery. Most recently I worked with Dr. Kartch using both supplements and adjustments, a treatment that I had never used before. I was delighted to find that my recovery was relatively short. Vertigo has not reoccurred. Karen’s bedside manner is reassuring, caring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her skills in nutrition education and chiropractic care. Her knowledge and insight have been invaluable in my recovery process. Her optimistic attitude is contagious. Her positive energy and sense of humor make office visits both a learning experience as well as fun.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Karen Kartch saved my knees. Most people do not think of a chiropractor when their knees hurt, but I am very glad I did. I had reached the point where I was in pain when I stood or walked. Her skills with Graston Technique and Trigenics, as well as traditional chiropractic, worked miracles for me. It has been two years since she worked on my knees, and I can still walk and stand without any problems. What a joy! Thank you, Dr. Kartch.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: After being in India, I was very sick. I had digestive issues, fevers, low energy for almost 2 years. Spent $1,000’s on doctor visits and other specialists with little or no results.

After: Now all issues from my time in India are gone! By following the Nutritional Program with Dr. Kartch, my digestion is back to normal; my energy level has greatly increased along with my overall body strength.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I have an eye condition called Blepharitis that causes swollen, dry, red eyelids, especially my right eye.

After: By taking my supplements and eating better like Dr. Kartch has suggested and do what I’m supposed to do, I don’t even notice I have it. Even my doctor noticed improvement and that it has calmed down. Do what Dr. Kartch says. It works! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I was chronically fatigued, anxious and struggling with depression, having never fully recovered after cesarean birth of my 3rd child. I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep. Even when I got a full nights’ sleep I’d wake up feeling tired. My eyes were always light sensitive. I was at the point of considering anti-depressant on a trial basis.

After: Immediately upon starting the Nutritional Program with Dr. Kartch, the fog has lifted! Haven’t slept this well in ages and can actually function on less sleep. My mood is so much better & I actually have the energy to exercise! I am so thankful that I started this program. I know I’ve added years to my life! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Before starting the Nutritional Program with Dr. Kartch, I was using my handicap placard occasionally. I was not physically exercising, just being active.

After: It’s now been 3 weeks since I last used my placard! I’m feeling much better. This program has been a salvation. I’m now exercising with a trainer/therapist. This is what I’ve been looking for my entire life! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Since starting the Nutritional Program with Dr. Kartch, my ability to handle stress has greatly improved.

After: Case in point: My husband has asked for a divorce. That first day was horrible but, the next day I was able to go out, look for an apartment and found one! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I came to see Dr. Kartch because of issues with: fatigue, insomnia, low energy, neck pain and twitching, elbow pain, leg cramps and gas.

After: Now, after being on the NRTesting program for just over 12 weeks, I’m sleeping great.

My energy level has increased; my neck and elbow pains are gone, along with my leg cramps and gas! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on 1996.  My doctor prescribed me medication which was not working and they advised me that my thyroid would have to be removed and I would need to take hormone replacement therapy for life.

After: Dr. Kartch told me to keep my appointments with my M.D. to monitor my status. She put me on a nutrition program and in six months I noticed a lot of improvement.  My lab tests were improving.  Within a year I felt like my old self and the follow-up lab tests showed that my thyroid function was normal. I still have to monitor my labs for the rest of my life, but I have my thyroid and my life back. 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: When I came to see Dr. Kartch I was depressed, had very low energy, angry, heart palpitations, asthma and a dry cough.

After: She gave me whole food supplements and within 2 months time I was experiencing much more energy. My M.D. took me off the inhaler and the Paxil because I did not need it any more. I am going out enjoying friends and cooking again. 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Lots of sneezing! Allergies! I had itchy and watery eyes and a runny nose.

After: All of the above symptoms are now gone!  

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Before program, I was stuck at 180lbs. My optimum weight is 175lbs. I couldn’t shed the extra 5lbs. no matter what I tried.

After: I’ve now shed those 5lbs. and am feeling great! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I was feeling bloated, tired, anxious and kind of hopeless. I was having lots of hot flashes. 

After: After 1 week my hot flashes have decreased dramatically. I have more energy and I feel so much better. I am sleeping so well and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to pee. 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I would get pins and needles (sparks) in my arms hand and feet frequently and have to get up and shake it off.

After: After being on Dr. Kartch’s Nutritional Program the pins and needles (sparks) have disappeared and my hands and feet feel warmer. 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: My skin had many inflamed areas on my face even make up would not cover.

After: After being on Dr. Kartch’s Nutritional Program my skin has a smooth consistent color and make up flows smoothly, I have to add blush now.  

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I have a scar from and Achilles tendon surgery almost 15 years ago. It never totally healed and every year I would go cross country skiing and it would get raw and bleed.

After: After using doing the nutrition program with Dr. Kartch my scar did not bleed or cause me discomfort! I didn’t spend half my time trying to protect it. Dr. Kartch’s suggested treatment made a huge difference!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Before starting the NRTesting Program I had diarrhea every time I ate.

After: After only 1 day on the program I was able to eat for the first time without getting diarrhea!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I had a lot of elbow pain. I was a 5/5 (severe pain) on the pain scale.

After: As soon as I started taking the supplement suggested by Dr. Kartch I noticed the  difference. It was amazing! I have hardly any pain in my elbow at all! This nutrition stuff really works! It was proven to me immediately because as soon as I ran out of my supplement I noticed my symptom started up again. Wow! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: My doctor had run a thyroid panel blood test which showed my thyroid was not working at normal level; it was working only at 75%. My blood pressure was up and my medical doctor told me that I should monitor it over the next three months and if my blood pressure did not improve I would be put on medications.

After: After only 7 weeks of doing Dr. Kartch’s Nutritional Program my thyroid is normal and NO medications were required! My new blood test showed it was back to normal, functioning at 100%! My blood pressure is now normal too! No medications are required! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I could not lose weight and I was not getting enough sleep.

After:  Halfway through the Nutrition Program with Dr. Kartch I lost 25 lbs. I am sleeping 8 or more hours. I don’t feel tired no matter how little sleep I get.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: My back and hips felt twisted, off and full of pain. I have had several bouts of getting “better,” but these always seemed fleeting. I have a history of L5-SI disc herniation and low back pain.

After: Through watching my diet, 2 chiropractic adjustments, taking Dr. Kartch’s supplements and stretching consistently and mindfully, the problematic are of my back has reduced in size significantly! (Noticed by my physical therapist) I feel a better sense of well- being and have less pain!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I experienced depression, anxiety and was not eating properly.

After:   After starting Dr. Kartch’s program I feel great. I have had almost 100% improvement. I am no longer depressed or anxious and I am watching what I eat.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: When I was tired I had to drop into bed normally. I had stomach cramps and irregular bowel.

After: I have more energy since starting NRTesting with Dr. Kartch. I haven’t had to drop into bed.  I have continuous energy. I now have consistent bowel movements and no more cramping.  I have had an 80% improvement. 

Patient name withheld for privacy


Before: I felt fatigue and exhaustion, I was unable to take a walk or go out in the evening. If I went for a walk I would get extremely fatigued and would have to lie down. I could never get a second wind. I had a rash/itch on the top of my scalp, face, hands and buttocks. I had insomnia and would always wake up feeling lousy, miserable with stress and anxiety. I had mental brain fog.

After: Shortly after starting Dr. Kartch’s Nutritional Program I could slowly walk 8 blocks without feeling so bad.   The rash has lessened and my scalp is ok. I am thinking clearly and sleeping better. 2 days ago I woke up feeling fabulous.

Patient name withheld for privacy

“I lost 6 lbs; I noticed my pants were fitting differently so I go on the scale.”

The upsurge in my emotional state seems to coincide with the downs surge of parasites.

The past 2-3 weeks I’ve had an emotional change for the better. I feel I am able to cope better, more understanding of others and I can now turn negative into positive much quicker which is a change for the better. The change coincides with the parasites. It’s hard to be positive when you’re full of bugs.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I used to get really bad headaches almost every day.

After: After one week I have improvement. The headaches are slightly better, about 20% better and less frequent than before.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I take a nasal spray medication. I found after a while that the area around my nose was red and I had a bloody, crusty gunk in my nostrils by morning.

After: Whatever was going on to cause bleeding in my nostrils has gone away. So has the redness. I am very relieved to have this alleviated.

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: I had surgery to repair my Achilles tendon tear over 13 years ago. The scar never fully healed. It would “rub off” in certain shoes and was red. 

After:  After the treatment, it got normal color and the bump at the bottom significant decreased. I continue to treat it (easy self care) I look forward to continued improvement. 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before:  I used to struggle to take a deep breath.

After:  Now, I am able to take deep breaths and feel my lung capacity has increased!!

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Headaches, brain fog, compulsive eating, anxiety, extreme fatigue, and vertigo.

After: Motivated to eat better and exercise, better breathing, less headaches, no brain fog or  dizziness. Much more energy! 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Patient is 4 years old: Severe cold that would not go away, it only was getting worse, even after taking medication and antibiotics prescribed by her doctor. She had that cold for over a month.

After: In a couple of weeks of being treated by Dr. Kartch her cold was gone. Now every time she gets ill we see Dr. Kartch for evaluation. 

Patient name withheld for privacy

Before: Nasty headaches and migraines cause me to miss work. I had regular headaches at least every 3 days.

After: Haven’t had a headache in at least 3 weeks and the last 2 headaches I did have were short term and were resolved without taking drugs! 

Before: I was feeling anxious and nervous, and it felt like my heart was beating too fast at times. My energy was low.

After: I feel stronger, and I have more energy.


Before: Allergy problems! I had gone to several doctors, used the nasal sprays, pills, shots, you name it. Nothing helped. 

After: Within a few months, not only had Dr. Kartch got my allergies under control, they were rid of completely. I can breathe now! 

Before: Hyperthyroid issues (red, itchy eyes, no energy, difficulty sleeping, emotional and depressed);Vitamin D level low, 29; fluctuating hyper/hypo TSH levels.

After: I feel great! Thyroid tested normal. Vitamin D now 43! I’m Feeling more like normal. I’m sleeping better too! I feel as though a ‘cloud’ has lifted. I’m happy and have more energy. My physician is now weaning me off my thyroid medication!

Before:  After my 3 months of treatment I have successfully undergone oral surgery-3 teeth extractions-2 were root canals-all right lower jaw seriously abscessed and infected.  One root was even broken! I previously suffered severe symptoms of inflammation and infection from a parasite infection similar to being tear gassed-burning and itching.

After: Now I have just undergone this surgery with none of these problems and an actual boost in energy-on every level!  I’ve experienced physical relief of not only infection but also parasites, mental relief as well as spiritual satisfaction at the progress made.  I have cleared 25 vials of Hg, 19 Al, 4 PB and 1 Ar!  Such a blessing to have such a cutting edge healing available at our fingertips!  Thank you God for Karen Kartch!

Before: I was experiencing digestive issues from India for over 2 years.  Nausea, diarrhea and feeling fatigued.

After:  Since NRTesting, digestive issues are much better.  Nausea and diarrhea are gone. Digestion is now regulated. 

Before:  I was really tired and had to take meds to stay awake.  I had TMJ pain, migraines once to twice a week, and headaches every day.  I also had stomach problems, digestion and diarrhea.  I was getting sick a lot, and was also really anxious.

After: Since seeing Dr. Kartch for Nutrition Response Testing, I have more energy!  I’m not on meds for being tired anymore.  I also have less TMJ pain, haven’t had a migraine in a month.  I don’t get headaches every day anymore, still a bit in the morning.  Thankfully I’m less anxious and able to deal with it better. 

Before: Spring time is allergy season and it is usually my worst time of year: January through April.  

After:  After Dr. Kartch’s allergy clearing process (AACT), I’ve had my best spring in many years! 

Patient names withheld for privacy

Before: All weekend I was experiencing severe gastric distress-belching and upper ribs going out of alignment.  I received nutritional support for my gall bladder and chiropractic adjustment and felt tremendous relief.

After: I was then able to keep my dental appointment to finish my root canal extraction.  This was my last surgery and I have had no serious allergic reaction to the anesthesia.  This is a serious relief for me and is another milestone of major improvement for me after 6 months of therapy with Dr. Kartch.

Before: I walked into Dr. Kartch’s office in January, fresh out of the hospital for mind-breaking headaches which were diagnosed as a pseudo-tumor and then later “unknown”.  I was not excited about a life-time of medications to control this condition and wanted to get to the bottom of it.  Dr. Kartch did just that – she did a nutrition analysis and put me on a supplement program.  

After: I feel wonderful and have lost almost 30 lbs since January with her recommended change in lifestyle.  On a personal note, Dr. Kartch is so genuinely caring that it is a pleasure to be in her care.  My results were so powerful that I brought my 89 year old mother in to see Dr. Kartch and her health has substantially improved.  She has more energy and mobility and she has also dropped some undesired weight.  We feel like we are a poster family for Dr. Kartch’s skills.  She is a wonderful person with true healing skills. 

Thank you for making ‘The Great Health Heist’ book required reading in your NRTesting program. I feel more familiar with the program and how it integrates and defines it’s ability to effect change in my actions and attitudes towards my soon-to-be healthier body – my vehicle! And that may be the most important thing – that I am inspired and encouraged to try again…to help myself to wellness.

Anyone who is ready to ‘do’ this program…to take back their responsibility for their health and well-being…to risk that they can be without a burden to be their anchor should join this program!

Before: Headaches – Horrible, daily


Sugar Cravings

Menstrual Cycle – Bad, irregular

Nervousness, Anxiety and irritable

After: Headaches – Gone

Eczema – Reduced quite a bit, no redness or rash

Sugar Cravings – Gone

Menstrual Cycle – Back to normal!

Nervousness, anxiety and irritability – All gone! 

Before: Prior to NRTesting, I had numbness on my finger tips for over 10+ years.

After: Now, after just a few months on the program I can now feel more sensation on them!

I joined the NRTesting program because I want to loose weight by eating how I am going to live and not depriving myself! 

Before: Prior to NRTesting, I had a constant job trying to keep my gums un-infected.

After: Far less work now and my gums general condition has improved quite a bit, 80%!

Before: Prior to NRTesting, both my hearing and vision were fuzzy. I had difficulty focusing on objects or sources of sound.

After: Now both my hearing and vision have become far clearer. I’m able to focus with little effort and can keep focused longer. 

Patient names withheld for privacy

Upon coming to Dr. Karen for NRTesting, I was given Mary Frost’s book ‘Back To The Basics of Human Health’ as a reading assignment. I read the first page where she talks about having constant sinus infections, laryngitis and even pneumonia and I realized that was me! I also experienced pneumonia earlier this year.

Now, after being on the NRTesting program, I find myself no longer experiencing these sinus issues and infections. My personal goal was to improve my health prior to where I was before the pneumonia. I have achieved that and more! My digestion is completely improved and I feel better than I have in years! 

I was dealing with my eye twitching for about 2 weeks prior to seeing Dr. Karen. By the second visit, the twitching in my eye had gone away, thanks to better nutrition, good supplements and reduced stress (after leaving my job)!  

I was constantly fatigued, needing to be in bed after right after dinner, had sensitivity to light, frequently depressed & irritable. I work in a hospital and would catch whatever viruses were floating around.

After being under the Nutrition program with Dr. Karen for just a few months, I’m feeling as well as ever. Got back from a conference where out of state where my roommate came down with flu virus, didn’t catch it. Came home to family all sick with upper respiratory bug but even 2 weeks later I’m bug free! My body is under quite alot of stress, but I’m not sick!



I had multiple food sensitivities and frequently came down with cystic acne & hives in response to what I ate. It had been going on since my last pregnancy 6 years ago.

Now, by doing the Nutrition program under Dr. Karen, for the first time in years, my skin is noticeably clear. My immune system is stronger & I can tolerate more foods without my skin totally breaking out.



Before coming to see Dr. Karen, I had a lot more issues with acne. My elbow and arm would also throb from time to time, even after receiving physical therapy for ulnar neuritis. I even had to stop playing competitive tennis on my high school team.

After having seen Dr. Karen and doing the Nutrition program and eating better for about 8 months, my acne has gone down significantly. Having a clear face makes my entire body feel good! In addition, my elbow pain has healed completely & I have returned to playing tennis again.



Prior to coming to see Dr. Karen and doing the Nutrition program, I had regular itchy hands & feet. It was irresistible scratching, which was not pleasant. The itchy scratching is gone! Even with the same amount of stress, no skin reaction!  

Patient names withheld for privacy

Before: Before starting NRTesting, I was having a hard time breathing. Asthma attacks made it hard to take the stairs home. Coughing exhausted me during the day.

After: Now being on the program, along with an improved diet, I’ve had no attacks! I can take the stairs now! No coughing either! I’m blowing the horn much easier now! 


June 12, 2014 Since starting NRTesting I realize there is hope after all. I thought it was only food that if I changed I would get better. Now I know it is whole food with Nutrition Response Testing that makes the difference.

Prior to coming to see Dr. Karen for Nutrition Response Testing, I was exhausted, frequently ill and suffering from digestive problems that were throwing my life into a tailspin!

After just 6-8 months on the program, I’m happy to say that 90% of my symptoms are completely gone. I’m able to work, exercise and enjoy life like I did before I started having these previously unexplained health problems. Thank you so much for all your help! 

I came to Dr. Karen after an accident that resulted in a moderate concussion. I had extreme short-term memory loss, insomnia, headaches, eye strain, difficulty with word retrieval and word substitution, mood swings, anger and difficulty being present. My Kaiser neurologist told me only time would heal my concussion and estimated 6-9 mo’s up to 1.5 years! No way!

I immediately noticed an increased ability to rest and sleep after the first initial visit to Dr. Karen. My headaches also improved quickly. I was totally recovered from the concussion symptoms at the 6 month mark. It was very obvious to me that my healing was significantly accelerated due to Dr. Karen and Nutrition Response Testing.


Prior to coming to Dr. Karen for Nutrition Response Testing my hair was course and lost it’s curl. My skin had patches of oily and dry areas w/many blackheadsNow, after 6 mo’s of the program my hair has become soft and curly again. My skin is softer, not the patches of dry/oily areas and almost no blackheads! 

 There is hope after all. I thought it was only food that, if I changed, I would get better. Now I know it’s certified organic whole foods with Nutrition Response Testing that makes the difference!

Patient names withheld for privacy

I would get migraines 3x per week. In only a few short weeks of being on the Nutrition program, my migraines were reduced in frequency by 90%!


I came in with chronic pain fatigue and GI problems & orthostatic intolerance. Was having trouble functioning day to day. Been under Dr. Karen’s care now for a few months and am doing 50% better overall. I still have bad days but less of them.



Was constantly tired, dealing with acid reflux and feeling depressed. Since the start of Dr. Karen’s Nutritional program, I am feeling on the mend. My energy level is improving and no more acid reflux!


I was dealing with almost constant ringing in my ears. It kept me up at night & was super distracting! Doing the Nutritional program has helped me immensely! I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Karen. It’s almost all the way gone. I notice it maybe once a month and it’s brief!



Before coming to Dr. Karen, I was dealing with annoyingly itchy feet, arthritis in my thumb, giving my trouble opening things, and a cloud of anxiety. I can now say I’m itch free! My stiffness in my thumb is gone and I don’t even notice my anxiety anymore. 



Before I started with the Nutritional program, I experienced night-time leg cramps 1-2x / week. Having been on the program for close to a year, it has been at least 2-3 months since the last episode of cramping. 



My 11 yr old daughter was having the following issues: Weird dreams, sleepwalking, sugar cravings, concentration, poor sleep. She’s now able to sleep through the night, sleep is more restful, waking is easier, no more sleepwalking, sugar cravings greatly reduced and her concentration is improving! 



Would get leg cramps at night, sometimes during the day. Now having been on the Nutritional program with Dr. Karen, I no longer have leg cramps at night or during the day. Very much better! Can sleep through the night and even drive without any pain!


Patient names withheld for privacy

My hands used to itch and would get small blisters on them. This has been something I’ve experienced before. Following Dr. Karen’s advice and being on the Nutritional program the itching and blisters are gone! It’s also nice to find out what was causing it too! 



I was completely addicted to desserts and chocolate! It was a controlling factor in my life. I have been on the Nutritional program for almost 6 months now and my dessert cravings are gone! I can look at a menu without having to order a dessert or salivating over it. Chocolate does not even interest me at all! 



I only saw Karen for a few weeks. Shortly after I started my program I moved, but the weeks I spent with Karen were excellent. At first I was unsure it would be worth it because I was traveling a bit of a distance to get to her office but after the first visit my worries went away. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring, and thorough. I trust her 100%. She answered all of my questions and is a genuine and professional practitioner. I would recommend anyone who is in need of nutritional therapy to seek out Dr. Kartch. Not to mention Stacy is a top notch office manager who is very knowledgeable herself. I felt very cared for at Kartch Chiropractic. 


Patient names withheld for privacy


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